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Ok, Im new to this community, and while I dont actually attend NIU (there is no community that I found for people in the area that attend Waubonsee) I do live around there and have basically become bored with life and want to meet new people.

Name: Jessy
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Location: Maple Park (for those of you who havent heard of this small town its on the outskirts of dekalb county)
Height: 5'2''
Race: Caucasian
Body Type: Pretty average, maybe a few extra pounds.
Hair: Long and auburn
Eyes: They are supposed to be blue but they change colors too often to be sure
Religion: Ummm, eclectic pagan
Education: I was a senior and then I just had to go and transfer, so now Im a junior *sigh*
Occupation: besides student? I work at a restaurant
Smoker: Yes, a pack or two a week is pretty damn good since Ive been smoking for 10 years!
Drinker: Usually socially, but Ive stepped it up a wee bit lately
Marital Status: single (hence joining a single community, DUH!)
Have Children: no
Want Children: undecided, the last thing this world needs is more of me running around
Turn ons: Humour, Intelligence, uniqueness, and passion (doesnt matter for what)
Turn offs: know-it-alls (especially if they are WRONG!!), idiots, ignorami, close-minded people, and those who think they are better than everyone else.
Interests: damn, lots of stuff. Im pretty much open to the possibilities.

(kudos to those of you who noticed this survey was ganked from himvalo

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