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have you ever...
[ ] been drunk
[ ] smoked pot
[X] kissed a member of the opposite sex
[X] kissed a member of the same sex
[ ] been to Japan
[ ] rode in a taxi
[X] been dumped
[ ] shoplifted
[ ] been fired
[ ] been in a fist fight
[X] had sex
[X] snuck out of your parent's house
[ ] been arrested
[ ] made out with a stranger
[x] stole something from your job (a pen)
[ ] celebrated new years in times square
[ ] went on a blind date
[X] lied to a friend
[X] had a crush on a teacher
[ ] celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
[ ] been to europe
[X] skipped school
[ ] thrown up from drinking
[ ] lost your sibling
[X] played 'clue'
[X] had a sleepover party
[X] went ice skating
[X] been cheated on
[X] had a sweet sixteen
[X] drove
[ ] seen someone die
[X] had a crush on one of my Livejournal/Xanga friends
[ ] punched someone I loved (slapped, yes)
[X] been on a plane
[X] seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
[ ] thrown up in a bar
[ ] purposely set a part of myself on fire
[ ] eaten Sushi
[ ] been snowboarding
[X] met someone in person from the internet
[ ] been moshing at a concert
[X] had feelings for someone you knew only online
[ ] had plastic surgery
[x] been in an abusive relationship
[X] gone to college
[x] graduated college (i have an associates degree...)

are you...
[ ] ugly
[x] pretty
[X] ok
[X] bored
[X] happy
[ ] bilingual
[X] white
[ ] black
[ ] mexican
[ ] asian
[x] short
[ ] tall
[ ] grounded
[x] sick
[X] lazy
[X] tired
[ ] sleepy
[X] annoyed (by my cold)
[ ] hungry
[x] thirsty

do you...
[ ] Have a bf
[ ] have a gf
[X] have a crush
[ ] feel loved
[X] feel lonely
[ ] hate yourself
[x] think youre attractive (not now cuz i'm sick, but generally)
[ ] have a dog
[X] have your own room
[X] paint your nails (sometimes)
[ ] play an instrument
[x] wear black eyeliner (sometimes)
[X] like the color blue
[ ] like the color yellow
[X] like to write
[ ] have a laptop
[x] have a desktop
[ ] miss someone right now
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