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I just noticed this group. Figured I would say hello.

I've been going to NIU for awhile now but am no longer in a relationship. I'd be interested in socializing with people, so let me know if you want to hang out and do things.

Of course, I'm also looking for romance if it happens my way. But regardless, I can always use another friend.

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this comm is pretty dead, but hi. and you're icon is teh cute.
But, I figured even if its only occasional communication... Who knows, I might meet some people :D
true.. i did meet one person thanks to it. then it turned out he was a friend of a friend so i might have ended up meeting him anyways..
yeah i appologize, its hard to get the word out when steve doesnt allow publicity on the niu community
Sure, they will be taken down if they arn't stamped by the student association. But, the influx might just be enough to draw attention.
i sorta believe in the 1 tells 1 and they tell 2 friends and so on and so on, ive been busy as of late but im gonna start promoting elsewhere soon